African Violet Care

Care of your African Violet

1. A sunny window sill with 10-12 hours of morning sunlight is ideal. Filtered afternoon sun (i.e. through a lace curtain) is good also, or they will thrive under florescent lights as well.

2. Water your violet when the soil is dry to the touch. Water it from the bottom and let it sit in the water for 20 minutes then discard the remaining water. To keep the violet blooming use a fertilizer (i.e. Miracle Gro) every time you water.

3. Pick off dead blooms and leaves to promote new growth.

4. Keep your violet at a temperature of 60 - 85 degrees. DO NOT PUT OUTDOORS IN EXTREME TEMPERATURES.

5. Give your violet a bath every 2 months with the kitchen sprayer and lukewarm water. This is to rinse out any salts in the soil.

6.Repot your violet every 6 months . Cut off the bottom 1/4 of the root ball and sink the remaining root ball into a clean pot. Top off the roots with new potting soil.

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